Koolhira’s 1100 follower gift - Fleur Desrosiers

Hi guys! So it’s a little late, but here’s Fleur! I made her to test out SN, but I ended up loving her <3

Name: Fleur Desrosiers

Age: 19 (Nineteen)

Traits: Friendly, Lucky, Commitment Issues,

Creature: Fairy (human in download)

CC Used: Skin: Ephemera - Weak | Eyes: Pralinesims (contacts) | Hair: Lotus retexture | Eyebrows: Elexis | Eyelashes: S-Club (design 1) | Blush: Lemonleaf | Lipstick: Shyne | Freckles: Vasilla | Nails: Lorandia | Dress: Anubis | Boots: Anubis

Additional Comments:

  • Fleur is one of my favorite sims I’ve ever made, so please take care of her.
  • If you use her in something, please tag “koolhira” because I would love to see it! :D
  • Facial CC is recommended otherwise she might look weird. :/
  • If you have any questions, please ask me!


Have fun guys! I’m planning to make hair soon, but I have no idea if it would turn out well… xD

Thank you all for following me!! ^_^