Anonymous whispered: Could you maybe do a base sim? It can have as much cc but yeah

Hmm maybe :3 but I know of people that reupload the base sims and claim as their own so ill have to think about it further…

Anonymous whispered: Yes, but it could be a challenge ;)

I’m reimagining the dark eye sockets and flat-looking makeup, and it’s a world I cannot return to D: sorry ‘non!

Anonymous whispered: would you consider doing a base game sims ? (sorry I missed a word in the other ask)

what do you mean, like… Make a sim that is compatible with the base game with no CC or expansions? I don’t know man it sounds kinda limited, you know? XD

So Hisuily’s old blog was hacked and she got a new blog here!

Spread the word if u want idk haha

She hasn’t made any posts on it yet but yeah, she will soon :p

lalaloopsims replied to your ask: "Does hisuily deactivated her account? :("

Why Hira? :’(

I don’t remember much about it, but it had something to do with her account getting hacked and/or friends seeing it. Also maybe she was sick of simblr idk

lalaloopsims whispered: Does hisuily deactivated her account? :(

Yeah :(

Anonymous whispered: have you ever post a selfie?

i might if i ever look hot (so like never)